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    Coalesse Hosu - A LazyBoy for Geeks?

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    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Coalesse Hosu is a chair suited for home or a relaxed work environment. It features a fold out cushion that allows the Hosu to transform from a traditional chair …

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    How to be Confident with Colour

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    Every interior designer should learn about the importance of colour, and the impact that each colour has on our mood and well-being Choosing the right colours for each room will make the difference between a relaxing and welcoming home and one…

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    Birthday continued.

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    Birthday continued. 

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    2013: How Content Will Be A Driving Factor In Search Rankings

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    "To say that Search Engine Optimization is a volatile industry would be a gross understatement. The ever-changing landscape of search rewards the most inquisitive, innovative and agile, while it punishes the devious and the stubborn. It seems that now, as 2012 comes to a close, the SEO industry is once again on the brink of a tidal shift that few are pivoting for.

    While the aspects of technical SEO, specifically site architecture, will most likely never go away, many of the tactics that used to win at search simply don’t work anymore. At the same time, previously weaker or unproven tactics like social media and content marketing continue to grow in effectiveness while influencing SEO tactics.

    The result is a new discipline: inbound marketing, which combines SEO, content marketing and social media.

    One common thread amongst the three components of inbound marketing is content (which is different than content marketing):

    1) Content Marketing: the pursuit of developing and distributing content that solves customer problems and generates leads.

    2) SEO: the pursuit of getting your content to appear in the search results.

    3) Social Media: a delivery system for your content”.

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    Making a website responsive in 3 easy steps | CatsWhoCode.com

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    .. quite naive to think you’re done with only these 3 steps, almost hilarious of the writer!

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    • Contrasts
    • On Forms
    • The Forgotten Car
    • Lines and Shapes
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avatar_128 Neal Alfano Interactive accounts manager CAP Brand Marketing

At CAP I provide daily, internet-based solutions, training and project management for assigned client accounts. Interfaces with the various departments of the agency to expedite the interactive projects and programs of assigned clients. This includes meeting with the creative client service team concerning creative issues and input, the media director concerning interactive media issues, the public relations director concerning online publicity and news making, and the production manager concerning scheduling and timing.

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